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First Thing To Do

To celebrate my returned I just placed an pre-order for Kazuki's newest CD that's coming out at the end of the month and his 10th Anniversary Live GIG DVD.

I have returned

It's been 5 years since I have logged in, my memories have faded I'm going to have to re-learn how everything works again.

Locking Kazuki scans

As of right now all my scans on my LJ relating to Kato Kazuki shall be locked soon...any new scans of Kazuki I do will not be posted in my LJ anymore but they will be posted in the communities kazuki13</lj>  and tenipuri_myu</lj>. 

The older scans will be viewable again but this time only in the communities mention above after  I finish editing the entries.

New Scans Posted 

Cool-up Vol. 11 scans - 07/11/08 
HOMME Vol. 3 scans - 07/15/08
Official Fan Club booklet "Voice"  Vol. 8 2008 Spring - 10/13/08
Official Fan Club booklet "Voice" Vol. 9 2008 Summer - 01/14/10
2008.01.03-04.28 Road of BUDOKAN 2nd Anniversary - Pending
Official Fan Club booklet "Voice" Vol. 10 2008 Autumn - 10/31/10
Official Fan Club booklet "Voice" Vol. 11 2008 Winter - 11/11/11
Kato Kazuki 2010 Calendar -
Official Fan Club booklet "Voice"  Vol. 12 2009 Spring - 12/11/11
Official Fan Club booklet "Voice" Vol. 13 2009 Summer - Waiting to be posted - 12/11/11
Official Fan Club booklet "Voice" Vol. 14 2009 Autumn - Pending
Official Fan Club booklet "Voice" Vol. 15 2009 Winter - Pending upload - 11/13/11
Official Fan Club booklet "Voice" Vol. 16 2010 Spring - Pending
Official Fan Club booklet "Voice" Vol. 17 2010 Summer - Scanning and editing finished - 11/14/11
Official Fan Club booklet "Voice" Vol. 18 2010 Autumn - Scanning and editing finished - 11/05/11
Official Fan Club booklet "Voice" Vol. 19 2010 Winter - Pending
Official Fan Club booklet "Voice" Vol. 20 2011 Spring - Pending
Official Fan Club booklet "Voice" Vol. 21 2011 Summer - Pending
Official Fan Club booklet "Voice" Vol. 22 2011 Autumn - Pending
3rd Anniversary Special Live "GIG" 2009 Shining Road - Pending


High on Kazuki

My order from CD Japan has arrived.

All three version of Joker No.1 First Press.

While looking around on CD Japan, I got their last copy of "FIVE -inside of K-" for 50% off it's original price but the shipping cost is still bleh.

Official FC Booket VOICE Vol. 22

Kato Kazuki's FC booklet VOICE Vol. 22 finally arrived today.

Vol. 23 Winter will becoming out next month.

Assassin's Creed: Revelations

So excited.

Almost time for the midnight launch at EB Games.

Scanning...Scanning and more Scanning

It has been awhile since I posted anything...a year already.

Finally I got my lazy butt into gear and starting scanning again.

Currently I'm working on my Kato Kazuki FC booklets.

Most Digusting Day of my Life

Today was one of the most digusting day of my entire life.

I went to work today and to my horror the mall that I worked at had an sewage problem, my work place was flooded with toilet water.

Everything that goes down an toilet all came back up our drains.

From 11:00 AM- 3:30 PM I've been doing nothing but  cleaning toilet water and the solid matters from my work place.

Shoujo Manga

I never notice until recently that I like reading shoujo manga.

I alway thought myself more of an shounen/seinen manga reader.

It really was an shock to me that my collection has more shoujo manga then any other others.

Final Fantasy XIV Open Beta

Just signed up for open beta I can't wait to play.

Ugh...the updates files I need to download is taking so long, I started on Tuesday night and now it Thurs and I'm still only at 53.6%.

Either my internet connections really sucks or there are too many people downloading at the same time...maybe both?



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